Myths about Female Orgasm

There is a lot of wrong information surrounding female orgasm, and overtime some of that information has been glorified and trusted to be the truth. This misinformation also known as myths often leave people confused and even disappointed. While female orgasm is more complex than male and even women themselves don’t always understand it, it still important to ensure that people are made aware of the facts and misconceptions. Some of the most common myths include:

  1. When a woman does not orgasm, something is wrong with her or she is not enjoying sex.

The society puts so much focus on orgasm that it seems impossible to enjoy sex without reaching an orgasm. It has been reported, however, that women fail to reach an orgasm every time during intercourse but still admitted to enjoying the experience. Instead of looking at female orgasm as the ultimate sign of sexual satisfaction, it is recommended that men ensure that a woman is relaxed, comfortable and well aroused, and then she will enjoy sex regardless of whether she reaches an orgasm or not.

  1. Finding the G-spot inevitably leads to an orgasm.

Whilst some women enjoy stimulation of the upper area of the vagina during sex – the area where there is the clitoris, there is still debate as to if the G-spot really exists. This therefore means that not all women will respond with an orgasm even after stimulation of the area. Besides, the clitoris and G-spot are not the same.

  1. Intercourse is the only way for a woman to achieve an orgasm.

Only a relatively small percentage of women will actually reach an orgasm via intercourse only, making extra stimulation necessary for majority. Research shows that about 75% of women will achieve an orgasm through clitoral stimulation only. While intercourse remains pleasurable to both partners and a possible means to experience female orgasm, many women find clitoral stimulation – either manual or oral – to be even more exciting.

  1. An orgasm is a mind-blowing experience that makes a woman lose control.

Orgasms will not always be dramatic and intense. Some women experience mild ones while others will scream loud and shiver from the excitement. So just because she did not call out your name does not mean she did not reach an orgasm.

An orgasm is experienced in many ways and cannot be the same for everyone. Therefore, to ensure that you keep up a vibrant and enjoyable sex life, make sure you understand the desires and dislikes of your partner, as then it will be easier to help them achieve sexual satisfaction, with or without an orgasm.