Hydrogen Water: a Product That Allegedly Does Wonders

Everyone is generally taught in school that water’s formula is H2O – two molecules of hydrogen which bond with one of oxygen. It might be surprising to some then to hear about “hydrogen water”. This new drink is, however, favorite among celebrities and it might have become a hit with their fans, except the science behind this product isn’t really sound.

So what is this hydrogen water exactly? According to reports, it is simply supposed to be a kind of water enriched with a higher concentration of hydrogen. It costs $3 per 11-ounce bottle, but there are other products and devices on the market that can allow consumers to make their own versions of the beverage.

The problem is that – for all the publicity and endorsement it gets, not to mention the unsavory price – it doesn’t seem to have any real benefits. The manufacturer and its advocates claim that this new water has anti-aging and antioxidant properties, enhances post-workout recovery as well as reduces inflammation and boosts energy. Available research isn’t conclusive enough for experts to validate these claims, though, which means that no one in the scientific community is couching for this product.

According to reports, the only studies published about the effect of hydrogen on one’s blood were performed in a highly controlled laboratory setting, which may or may not translate to real-life conditions. So while this research would support claims that hydrogenated water would make one’s blood more alkaline, providing all of the aforementioned benefits, these claims aren’t backed by scientific evidence that leaves no room for argument.

If that was not bad enough already, there are companies which are simply taking advantage of the trend and selling supposed hydrogen water without proper packaging. The real product should come in an aluminum pouch and be consumed straight after opening, as the molecules of hydrogen will evaporate quickly otherwise, which means the water will lose its promised beneficial properties. In spite of all that, consumers can easily find this product sold in traditional plastic bottles, which don’t meet the requirements mentioned above.

Hydrogen water follows the path carved by alkaline water, which was inspired by the water found in certain parts of the world and was also endorsed by celebrities and athletes. The information one must remember is that not all water is the same, even in nature. What seems to work in a specific environment may not have the same effect on everyone, particularly in a different environment.