Sildenafil For Women – Study Suggests It Works

Sildenafil-For-WomenA new research has discovered that Sildenafil, an active ingredient used to treat erectile dysfunction for men, can now be used for women to increase sexual activity. In the study that was held for 12 weeks, women who have reached their menopausal stage and those who have undergone hysterectomy took Sildenafil. Sildenafil for women reported that the subjects of the study gained better sexual satisfaction compared to those who only took a placebo.

According to them, they have better sexual lives that include enhanced lubrication, arousal and orgasm. The women involved in the study reported significant movement in terms of achieving orgasm. Women who took Sildenafil had an increase in the flow of the blood to the genital area. It likewise helps to optimize their sensation of tingling, fullness and warmth.

What Is Behind The Increased Blood Flow Factor?

Women who experienced female sexual arousal disorder may suffer from several symptoms. These symptoms include the inability to get excited, dryness of the vagina and the loss of sensitivity in the nipples and the genital area. The women included in the study were examined to ensure that the issues coming from their relationship would not cause problems.

Sildenafil is known to help men having ED. That being said, experts theorized that women can also get a similar effect when using the medication. Women who are included in the study were given 50mg. It was then increased to 100mg in one occasion only. It was based how lower dosage was working. The pill had to be taken before any sexual activities and only once every day.

How Did It Work For These Women?

Each of the women involved in the project had to have sex at least once every week. They also need to keep a log about their sexual intercourse. Throughout the study, the doctors and the patients do not know the specific patients who were taking Sildenafil and those who are taking a placebo. Women who took Sildenafil reported side effects that were mild. These side effects include flushing, headache and blurring of visions. These are also the same side effects that were reported by men who are taking the medication.